Words We Live By


At Scout, this phrase is one of our core culture values. We encourage each of our employees to keep it weird and decorate their homes with products to reflect this. Some unique things about Scout that make us proud:

1) We are LGBTQ+-Led and Woman-Led.
2) We have our own Scoutpack language (as you can see from our blog posts).
2) We let the curse words fly in our products and around the office.
3) We are a team of around 50 with diverse backgrounds and interests.
4) We try new things together - we might have eaten crickets once or twice for team building....
5) We are dog friendly! Shelby is the name of our office dog (we've even designed a .gif of her).

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Vibe check! We believe that a happy Scoutpack is a productive Scoutpack. Catch us saging, burning incense, and waving our selenite wands around to align with our highest good. If you need us, we'll be upstairs in the penthouse. Our vibes are so high, they're hitting the ceiling from down here.

Not sure how your vibes are holding up? Check out this "Are You Happy" artwork and find out.

There's never a dull moment where Scout is concerned. Why's that? Boring isn't in our vocabulary. Even if we're going for a more neutral look, there's sure to be a bit of added pizazz.

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Kill 'em with kindness. The treatment of our partners and employees is important to us. We SCOUT manufacturers and artisans around the world who align with our values and take pride in their craftsmanship. But we don't stop there! For every custom piece of furniture ordered, we also plant a tree through the nonprofit One Tree Planted. 

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Nobody likes a gossip, hun. Positive talk and transparency builds trust within a team. We strive to communicate honestly with each other at the Scout office, so that we can be open with our customers, too. 

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Muhammad Ali said this first, and it's a dichotomy we love. What's better than a rule breaker? One who breaks the rules effortlessly. We believe there's a space where "pretty" and "punchy" can exist harmoniously. 

We love a metamorphosis moment, y'all. Get inspired by our butterfly artwork and watch your wall transform from boring to brilliant.
Less about the floating, and more about the sting? Shop our printed bumble bee art here.

RuPaul was our inspiration for this one. We get it - trolls are everywhere these days. Take a page out of our book and release that which is no longer serving you. Seriously - let it go. Fuck It.

Did someone say Dirty Dancing? Say less. At Scout, we encourage EVERYBODY to express themselves. Life is too short to hide in the dark. Your weirdness deserves center stage!

Oh, and don't put baby over in that corner either. Shop nursery decor here.

We made this our tagline for a reason. We think that everyone has something unique and different to bring to the table. Our products, our showroom, and our team are a reflection of this methodology. We believe in weird. 'Nuff said.

Sunglasses only for our future - it is looking BRIGHT. Great things are ahead with new products and product lines for you guys. And, of course, we're always working to improve our processes to get you what you love. Currently, we're moving to a new Warehouse with 3x as much storage - talk about growth!


Thanks for sticking with us on our journey so far. We can't wait to see where we go next!