Scoutpack Inspo: Vintage Transformations

Dressing room featuring a SCOUTed vintage chest designed by @burklecreative and photoed by @stephen_karlisch_photo.

Between lacquer, stain, grasscloth, and upholstery - the vintage refinishing possibilities are endless. How will you ever decide? We’ve been playing the vintage makeover game for 10 years, and would love to share some inspiration! If you love a good glow up, this one’s for you. 

Calling all lovers of organic texture! Sometimes a vintage piece’s original finish is simply swoon worthy. Opting for a wood stain is a great way to go for a subtle revamp and accentuate your classic case good’s natural beauty.

Let’s face it – neutrals are classic for a reason. You can’t go wrong with a simple white or grey if you are wanting to keep a vintage piece for years to come. After all, if it ain’t broke…

Color is one of the best ways to express yourself in your space. Let your vintage pack a punch. At the end of the day, your newly transformed piece doesn’t have to be for everyone – it just has to be for you!

What’s old can become new again. We are always amazed by the transformative properties of polished hardware. Giving the pre-existing metals on your secondhand treasure some love is an easy way to fix ‘er up.

If you’re wanting to modernize your new (used) piece of furniture, we love the idea of completely changing out the hardware for something that’s new and now.

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From subtle to striking, we’ve seen it allll when it comes to reupholstery. We love a monochromatic moment just as much as we love eye-catching and eclectic fabric.

Having trouble deciding between finishes? Why not both? For a truly unique transformation, combining lacquer with grasscloth or a stain can result in some seriously stunning before & after’s!

Our biggest revamping piece of advice? Focus on the bones of your secondhand treasure. Looking past that granny finish ensures you can focus on the overall shape and size of a piece. Carvings and metal accents will definitely pop once the refinishing job is complete – we promise.

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