The Vintage 411: Makers We <3

Scout and Secondhand go together like Bed and Breakfast.

The Scoutpack got its start as an antique mall rental booth back in 2012, and we've stayed true to our roots since then with regular vintage SCOUTing trips. Recently, we even opened up a vintage store across the street from our Dallas Showroom! 

From unique designs that aren't made today to the storied past that each piece brings to a space, we love vintage for its eclectic character. We've learned a lot about its history over the years, and our love for hunting secondhand has only grown with our knowledge. The thrill is in the hunt y'all, and finding a good vintage maker is half of it! Curious to know more? Keep reading for a look into the history behind the Scoutpack's top 5 vintage makers.


Image source: Flickr user Lance McCord

Founded by the White brothers in North Carolina, White Furniture Company (1881-1993) first got its start by producing window materials. They soon graduated to producing bedroom and dining room furniture, utilizing solid, kiln-dried wood in the construction of their pieces.

What Sets This Maker Apart?

Two words come to mind when defining White Furniture Company: classic and elaborate. We often SCOUT vintage finds from this maker that feature traditional designs and fabulous attention to detail. In its heyday, meticulously crafted inlays were one of the company's hallmarks. White Furniture Company was obtained by Hickory White Furniture Company in 1993, so hunting down pieces with this maker mark is always a thrill.

White Furniture Co. Finds Scouted Over The Years

Secondhand Scoop: The White brothers decided to start White Furniture Company in order to make enough money to repay their father’s creditors and bring honor back to their family name.


Mastercraft (1947-1974) was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan by the Doezema brothers, who descended from a long line of cabinetmakers. The brothers returned from overseas during WWII with the ambition to create furniture with a sophisticated urban style. Acquired by Baker Furniture in 1974, Mastercraft pieces often feature traditional design elements with a modern twist, and exotic wood finishes (hello, burl).

What Sets This Maker Apart?

Mastercraft is known for the use of solid brass in the design of their pieces, rather than brass-plating other metals to get the same look for less. The result? Metal details that truly shine. From case goods with decorative brass, to brass-framed chairs and coffee tables, Mastercraft was BIG on gleaming design elements.

Mastercraft Finds Scouted Over The Years

Secondhand Scoop: Today, the old Mastercraft factory building has been reimagined as an office and community space for more than 50 startups and other entrepreneurial businesses (talk about a #vintagetransformation).


Left: Thayer Coggin & Milo Baughman, Right: Thayer Coggin (Image Source:

Thayer Coggin (1922-2003) & Milo Baughman (1923-2003) got their start together in the furniture industry in 1953 and collaborated for 50 years. While Thayer owned & founded Thayer Coggin, Milo worked to design pieces for the brand with his philosophy: 'good design endures'. Both came from humble beginnings, and shared the same vision of creating contemporary furniture that would stand the test of time. Over the years, Baughman designed furniture for various furniture companies, but his partnership with Thayer Coggin was his longest.

What Sets This Maker Apart?

With both Coggin & Baughman aiming to create furniture that would last generations, many Thayer Coggin vintage pieces are just as stylish today as they were when they were conceptualized. Upholstered pieces feature sleek designs that give a modern, comfortable feel, while case goods are a marriage of MCM and Bauhaus styles. Although Thayer & Milo have both passed, Thayer Coggin is still around today as a family-run business.

Thayer Coggin & Milo Baughman Finds Scouted Over The Years 


Secondhand Scoop: Milo & Thayer first met at High Point in 1953. Milo was showing his furniture designs to potential investors, and paid a last-minute visit to Thayer. After an hour, the two shook hands and began a 50 year partnership/friendship.


Founded in North Carolina by a group of 4 men, Henredon (1945-2018) was one of the first furniture companies in America that sought to create custom furniture. Beginning with a line of 3 chests, the company gained traction by collaborating with Dorothy Draper & Frank Lloyd Wright to design groundbreaking furniture collections. After the success of these partnerships, Henredon went on to collaborate with many more A-listers to create a wide variety of furniture styles. The brand stopped being active in 2018 after the parent company, Heritage Home Group, filed for bankruptcy.

What Sets This Maker Apart?

Due to their numerous collaborations, Henredon pieces truly range in style, but are always well made. While furnishings from the Dorothy Draper collaboration feature a bold, modern take on historical design, furniture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright are all about angular shapes. Other styles that Henredon has seen success with include English Regency, Hollywood Regency & French Provincial. The brand took a fashionable turn in the 70s by incorporating mirrors, burl & rounded corners into their designs, which we adore SCOUTing!

Henredon Finds Scouted Over The Years

Secondhand Scoop: Henredon was founded by T. Henry Wilson, Ralph Edwards, Donnell VanOppen, & Sterling Collet - the names of the first three founders combined created the name “Henredon”.


Hollis S. Baker (Image Source:

Founded in 1890 by Siebe Baker and Henry Cook in Allegan, Michigan, Baker Furniture Company is known for producing finely-crafted, durable furnishings. The company got its start by producing bookcases and desks, eventually graduating to bedroom pieces when Hollis S. Baker took over the company. In the 50s, the brand started heavily collaborating with artists and designers to create various styles of furniture, both traditional and modern. Baker is still around today, and continues to produce modern collections with well-known designers.

What Sets This Maker Apart?

Vintage pieces produced by Baker are classically stunning and feature long-lasting construction. One of the first to introduce Asian styles of furniture with their Far East Collection, this brand also introduced other notable styles of furniture to the American Market, including Art Deco, Neoclassical Italian, Scandinavian MCM, Historic Reproductions & Traditionalism. In addition to producing furniture in a myriad of styles, Baker popularized the following design elements (which we love) in their furniture: leather-tops, brass & glass, faux bamboo, skirts, spoon-backs & Ming-meets-Campaign.

Baker Finds Scouted Over The Years

Secondhand Scoop: When Baker Furniture was founded in Allegan, Michigan, the small town was home to multiple other furniture companies, and was heralded at the time as 'America's Furniture Capital'.


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