Scoutpack Travels: Round Top

Twice a year in a small Texas town, people from around the United States flock to hunt for treasure. The Round Top Antiques Show features vendors from around the country, with a treasure trove of old and new wares. An opportunity for one-of-a-kind finds, we've been SCOUTing Round Top for years. From unique showstoppers to innovative artists to vintage inspiration, we brought a lot back with us this year. 
Our favorite part of Round Top? Getting the opportunity to meet the creative vendors and artists behind unique displays and rare pieces! Here's a little bit about the artists we loved from this year's show:
Dustin Swartz co-owns and operates The Green Door Antiques in Kansas City. Specializing in a juxtaposition between the real and the graphic, paintings by Dustin Swartz have their own unique look. Family, school, and work experiences all conspired to make Dustin an artist who defies a convenient label. In his work and in his art, Dustin toes the line between right brain and left brain - the precise and the creative.
Shop his Color Block Paintings here.
Dona Bollard's photographic career started with editorial newspaper and magazine publications. Over almost 30 years, Dona has been able to hone her photographic techniques, working exclusively with black and white film. She hand processes and prints her own work, occasionally experimenting with alternative processes like Platinum, Van Dyke, Cyanotype, and Polaroid Transfer. The goal of Dona's work is to access spirit. 
Browse her framed photographs here.
We love stopping the show, and Round Top was full of showstopping pieces we had to have:
(Yes, we bought a giant cow. Yes, it's currently on display in our Dallas Showroom.)
Browse our Virtual Showroom to see all of these unique finds in action!
We never leave a Round Top trip empty-handed - inspiration lies around every corner. Take a peek at our most-loved displays from this year's show:
Check out our latest reel for more inspo! 
Discover your new favorite piece in our Round Top finds.