Scoutpack Style: The Shelf

Itching to refresh your space but not sure where to start? The shelf is where storage meets style. Whether you have a built-in, floaters or a freestanding case, restyling your shelves is an easy way to bring a fresh perspective into your home. Plus, who doesn’t love looking at a perfectly styled shelf? Read on for our 6 HAUTE takes on this storage essential.

Who’s ready to hit the books? When it comes to styling the shelf, you can’t go wrong with a few stacks. Opting for larger coffee table books helps the eye catch them from afar. And don’t be afraid to get creative with the arranging! Mixing up the position of your reads ups the visual intrigue and prevents your shelf from feeling heavy. 

Browse our selection of books to keep your book base (and case) game strong. 

Books in the front, party in the back y’all! Dressing up the back of your shelving unit with paint, fabric or wallpaper is an easy way to make an impact. Embracing pattern can add a complementary OR contrasting background to guide your styling. Bonus points for the additional depth (and additional fun) that this creates for a shelf.

Whether you're looking for subtle or statement-making, our Wallpaper Collection has the back of your shelves covered. 

Indoor plants are a great way to add a pop of color and an organic touch. Working with a bigger shelf? Adding an element like draping ivy helps draw the eye from top to bottom. Don’t have a green thumb? Artificial plants can make the same impact without the fuss (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone it’s faux).


It’s time to get creative! We love styling because it allows us to express ourselves in unique ways. A shelf is the perfect perch for personality pieces you’ve amassed over the years. From bookends to trinkets, and artwork to mirrors, the styling world is your oyster.

On the hunt for a unique personality piece? We've got your back with our treasure trove of artful accents and dreamy decor.

If you’re more of a ’style it and forget it’ type of homeowner, selecting a theme for your shelves helps to take the guesswork out. Found an art series you’d love to display? Have a lot of accents in the same pallette? Go. For. A. Theme.

Our Wall Art Category is full of fun series to help you keep your theme on point.


Our favorite shelf styling tip? Save some room for things to come! Opting to leave a little white space on your shelf means you have a future home for your next favorite accent. Plus, extra space allows your current faves to shine in the spotlight without any competing elements.


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 Have fun and happy styling!