Scoutpack Style: Small Spaces

The age of the studio apartment is upon us. From tiny homes to small-scale city dwellings, more and more people are finding themselves living with limited space. With minimal square footage on the rise, maximizing the living areas you do have becomes oh-so-important. 
We’ll admit that there’s a bit more planning involved when there’s a bit less space. Designing a small space is all about striking the balance between fashion and function. If you have not been blessed with an abundance of square footage, the Scoutpack is here to give you the low-down on crafty and clever small space design hacks. Just because you’re living in a smaller home doesn’t mean you have to feel cramped and crowded! We're not size queens here - we believe a home can be comfortable regardless of size.
Starting with flooring ensures your interior design foundation will be solid. A common mistake many new tiny-homeowners make is searching for a tiny rug that's proportional to their space. Believe it or not, a rug that’s too small can actually suffocate your space. Make sure that most of your furniture can fit atop your rug, or simply go wall-to-wall for a look that's expansive.
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Acrylic furniture leaves almost no visual footprint, creating the illusion of airiness. Electing for acrylic furnishings in small spaces prevents the eye from getting stuck on a dark eyesore, and helps to free up visual real estate. This will give you more opportunity to express yourself with accents! Not to mention, floating decor looks totally badass. 
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When you have limited room, every inch counts. This means double duty furnishings are a small space's best friend. To ensure you get the most bang for your square footage buck, go for dual purpose pieces. A comfy sofa can double as a guest bed, while benches tucked away under your entryway console can serve as extra seating in a pinch. If you love to throw dinner parties, a dining table with removable leaves will make you the hostess with the mostess.
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Thinking vertically opens up a whole new world of square footage. Wall decor is an excellent opportunity to showcase some personal style—hello, gallery wall. Placing art higher up on your walls will draw the eye upwards, creating the illusion of more. Pro tip: maximize your wall space by adding shelving units to store your prized bits and bobs. With so much personality, you'll feel right at home in your tiny space.
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If your space is lacking in natural light, fake it 'til you make it with some strategically-placed mirrors. Mirrors bounce light around, and can create the illusion of a few extra feet of space. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the design book for a reason - light and airy living, here you come!
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This wouldn’t be Scout Nasty if we didn’t end on this caveat: rules are meant to be broken. Not a rug person? Embrace those hardwood floors! Hate acrylic? Fuck it! A lot of designers recommend airy neutrals for small spaces but we think you can still go big and bold in a small space. Ultimately, a house becomes a home when it begins to reflect your own personal style. The more time you spend in your space, the more you’ll understand which of the above tips work for you (and which you’ll want to nix).
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