Scout Bespoke: From Carpentry to Finishing

We believe in less of the same, and more of the special.

That's why we have our #scoutbespoke line of furniture, where everything is fully customizable to your specifications. From concept to creation, each custom piece is constructed by our talented team of artisans right here in our Dallas, Texas warehouse. In a world of fast everything, good things are worth the lead time. Ever wondered what goes into the making of your custom piece after you hit "purchase"? Keep on scrolling for a look into how the bespoke magic happens, from carpentry to finishing:

Once your order has been placed, you can rest assured it's in good hands with our team! Whether you've opted for a custom console or case good, each piece begins with the same process: cutting and assembling. With the use of a CNC machine, our skilled carpentry team takes care to slice each piece of wood to its exact specifications. The details are hand-cut by our team before assembling with the utmost care.

After a custom piece has been cut and assembled, our talented prep team works to get it ready for finishing by thoroughly sanding and cleaning every surface. This step ensures that your finish-of-choice has a smooth and seamless application.
Fun fact: The trade workers in our prep team are a part of an apprenticeship program to eventually become full-fledged carpenters!

The finishing touch on your custom piece is the finish itself! We have dozens of options to choose from, including lacquer and wood veneers. Lacquer and wood pieces are finished in one of our several paint booths.

When it comes to veneer finishing, each slice is bookmatched in-house and pieced together by our team before application. This ensures that each sheet blends seamlessly into the next. Once the layout has been decided on, each veneer is hand-sliced according to specifications and adhered to the piece. After application, the veneer is stained and finished with a clear coat for shine and protection.

Lacquered pieces spend more time in the paint booth. Once our special Scout lacquer is created for your piece, one of our capable painters works to evenly spray it with multiple layers, ensuring a flawless finished look. Each furnishing is then hand-buffed outside of the paint booth to give it a matte, semi-gloss, or glossy sheen.

Ready to fall in love with your own bespoke beauty? Browse our curated custom collection.

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