Choosing Your Rug: Breaking It Down

Rugs are to spaces as shoes are to a good outfit - they complete the lewk. A good rug can inject a space with color and character, totally transforming the final product. Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all does not apply to rugs. So how do you find your own magic carpet? Don't sweat - we've got "piles" of tips to help you find the rug of your dreams.

Most of our rugs are designed in-house and hand-crafted by our partners in India.

Hand-Woven Rugs are knotted by hand using a traditional loom. These rugs are unmatched in quality and durability. Hand-Tufted Rugs are constructed using loops instead of knots to create a plush pile that's soft underfoot. They are another durable option for homeowners.

Our rugs are typically constructed of Wool and Cotton. This blend is a classic choice for any space and is great for high-traffic areas. Rugs comprised of Wool and Silk are luxe and shiny, featuring a durable pile that’s soft to the touch. Grass Fiber rugs (like jute) are strong and stand the test of time. They lend a touch of organic style to any space.

After they are constructed, our rugs get a final scrub.

To learn every rule of thumb, browse our Rug Guide by Room.

A rug guide wouldn't be complete without some styling hacks. Here are a few of our rug go-tos:

Layer it up! Avoid committing a floating furniture faux pas by layering a larger rug under a smaller one. The result? A texture-palooza of visual intrigue.

Let the rug speak for itself. Sometimes, you just really want to show off your print. Opting for neutral pieces and accents will allow your punchy pattern to steal the show. 

Take from what's already there. Stuck choosing a colorway? Matching your rug with pre-existing pieces ensures the final product will be classy and cohesive.

One of our rugs receives the finishing touches.

  • Regular vacuuming at the proper setting is key to extending the life and beauty of your rug. Refer to your vacuum manual for setting guidance. Avoid vacuuming the fringe of your rug and use a broom instead.
  • Remove spills immediately by blotting with a clean, undyed towel; do not scrub.
  • For hard-to-remove stains, we recommend having your rug cleaned by a professional. Harsh chemicals can damage or fade rugs.
  • Use rug protectors under heavy furniture to protect the rug pile. Rotating your rug every few months can also help relieve areas from excessive wear.

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