Photoshoot Tour: Naturally Neutral

Photo and home built by Jarrett Construction.
Join us in Dallas, where a picturesque property boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that lend themselves to an open floor plan. Tucked away in a peaceful neighborhood, this charming homestead was the perfect location to stage our latest product collection. To compliment the space, we decorated with earthy neutrals, textural touches, and the eclectic energy for which we are known. Get ready to unleash your inner interior designer with this detailed break down of our favorite vignettes. Come on in - we left the door open just for you.

In this living room lewk, the Scoutpack is hopping onto the trend of layered rugs. And can we just say – we are loving the vibe! When thoughtfully placed atop our acrylic coffee table, artful accents make the space look approachable and lived in. Low profile sectional seating and natural lighting come together for a moment of sunlit serenity.

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Featuring cool-tones and bouclé galore, this living room is the quintessential lounge experience. With an emphasis on blue tones, the scene gives off Amalfi coastal confidence. Meanwhile, wooden elements like the Table Robot add a touch of organic character. The best way to create a one-of-a-kind space? Show off your second-hand treasures! Here, we added flowers to a vintage vase for an artful accent.

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Bring everyone together in style. Moody accents and colors combine with naturally bright light for a balanced dining experience. Our biggest takeaway from this scene? Splurge on the spotlight! This dining room features a modern Sputnik chandelier that illuminates our Perry chairs impeccably from overhead. A bowl of fruit is the cherry on top of this look. Future dinner parties, watch out.

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Inspired by the French, this inviting nook is ideal for sipping coffee come morning’s first light. Our Old Flame chest is the perfect resting place for your empty mug or half-finished novel. Whimsical butterfly art acts as a conversation starter and evokes a sense of wonder. Meanwhile, a deep seated perch makes this alcove every bibliophile’s dream.

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A dark and dramatic aesthetic reigns supreme in this bedroom as the unconventional black walls keep things optically interesting. Lighter touches like our Jackie Dresser and Brilliant Sundays Art create a sense of harmony within the darkened space. We envision the sumptuous textures of Cane and Grasscloth illuminated by a softly flickering lamp after sundown. Beauty sleep abounds in this soothing bedchamber.

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Comfort meets style. Our Miss Jean swivels will encourage guests to sit and stay. A light and airy feel is achieved with sunkissed seating and see-through acrylic. We grounded the look with Earth tones, while organic branches draw the eyes up and out. This sitting room has a hidden agenda: inspiring conversation. We envision fluid chats abounding in this little corner.
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A small space can host a large amount of style. There was plenty of room on the guest list for modern storage, a tripod chair, and uncommon artwork in this striking vignette. Keeping things simple allows natural elements, like our Dame Chest, to truly shine. Perfect for the modern homeowner, this stairway set-up provides plenty of opportunity for future styling.

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Special shoutout to Nathan Schroder Photography and Jenny O'Connor Styling. Happy shopping, y'all!