Knot by Knot: The Making Of Our Rugs

There's a story woven into the threads of every one of our custom rugs.

Each one goes on its own special journey during its construction. Once an order is placed, it is assigned to a single artisan in India who is solely dedicated to creating the rug day-in and day-out until its completion. Curious about the process? Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of our rugs.

Our rugs are made of 100% New Zealand wool, one of the finest quality wools. We source the yarn from local vendors of Bhadohi who import from around the world. 

Total process: 7-14 days

The yarn is sent to a dyeing house where it is carefully hand-dyed to match Pantone numbers selected by the Scout team. Once dyed, the yarn is hung to dry. Sunshine is the preferred drying method, so dry time varies depending on weather conditions! Finally, the yarn is meticulously untangled and converted into the ball of yarn in a process called "yarn opening" to make it easier to handle. It is now ready for a weaver!

Total process: 3-7 days if it's sunny :)

Our artisan partners typically craft two types of rug offerings: hand-woven and hand-tufted. Depending on the type of rug, the creation process varies.
Woven rugs are knotted by hand using a traditional loom and take longer to produce. Every rug is made of hundreds of thousands of knots by a single artisan. These heirloom rugs are unmatched in their durability and can last for generations.
To begin the process for a tufted rug, the weaver hangs a canvas on an iron frame and traces the rug design. Once the design is sketched on the canvas, the weaver uses a tufted gun to create a plush pile that's soft underfoot. Tufted rugs last 7-10 years, making them the perfect option for those who like to change things up! 
Depending on the size and design, hand woven rugs take 30-45 days to complete and tufted rugs take 1-7 days to complete.

The washing process is very important for achieving a clean look in the final product. Using gentle chemicals and water, the raw rug gets a good shower and scrub from a wooden or iron paddle. This removes impurities from previous processes and helps to bleed out unripe colors from the rug.

The washing of the rug takes 3-5 hours and requires 2-3 days of sunshine to dry properly!

Lastly, the rugs are shaved down to achieve an even pile at the approved height. During this step, artisans will also hand-cut any leftover uneven threads, taking care to check the rug from front to back. Finally, every rug is checked for quality before dispatch to our Dallas warehouse!

This process takes 1-2 days.