Get Inspired: Old Texas for Thrift Studio

Photography by Aaron Dougherty (@aaron_dougherty_photo)

A fundraiser like no other.

Launched in 2011, Thrift Studio is a pop-up shop created to raise money for Dwell with Dignity by selling donated furniture and decor from leading designers, showrooms, and retailers. The Scoutpack was thrilled to be a part of this year’s pop-up experience by designing our own vignette with unique vintage finds and Scout Label pieces.

Y'all know we can't resist a chance to embrace our roots! Inspired by a western aesthetic and cowboy culture, our vignette this year is an ode to Old Texas. Available to shop starting August 26, the Scoutpack is here to share a sneak peak of our space. Saddle up and get your boots ready because it's about to get wild in here.

Cowboy, but make it chic. We loved the unique challenge of putting a new twist on the classic cowboy in our space. By getting creative with the placement of our vintage pieces, we were able to put a "city" perspective on a lot of "country" pieces.

Most cowboy boots are made for walking, but our team made these cowboy boots specifically for stopping the show. Unexpected and bright, we repurposed these old boots with fresh paint for a hot take on footwear.

Didn't you hear? Recessed lighting is D-E-A-D. Instead, we opted for neon coat hangers, an LED spray bottle and a chandelier crafted from branches. With lighting to set the mood, our pop-up is illuminated in surprising ways that catch the eye and keep it moving. 

If the devil is in the details, then somebody might need to call a priest. To curate an unexpected shopping experience in our vignette, we placed thoughtful touches and colorful details wherever we could. The result? An eclectic mix that keeps on going. More is more and less is a bore y'all!

Of course, we couldn't design an Old Texas vignette without a few horses...okay, a lot of horses. Did someone say giddyup and go? We wrangled up all of the best for your wild and western needs.


We are so happy to be a part of the 2022 Thrift Studio. Come shop our vignette + the amazing spaces created by designers, showrooms and retailers in the area starting August 26th!