Choosing Your Finish: Breaking It Down

Picture this: after searching high and low for a unique furniture fix, you stumble upon Scout's Bespoke Line of customizable furniture. You fall head over heels in love with a dining table that is sure to be the talk of your dinner parties. You realize this relationship is more than a casual fling, and decide to take the plunge by giving Scout a ring. You can't wait to start customizing the table of your dreams.  Only problem? With so many options, how the hell are you supposed to decide on just one finish?
Wishy washy woes begone! Whether you're lovesick for lacquer or bonded to burl, here's what to keep in mind when choosing your finish. With the help of the Scoutpack, you'll be saying "whew - I'm finished choosing my finish!" in no time at all.
In the world of wood, Burl stands out from other wood-based finishes with its eye-catching swirl patterns. The grain pattern in burl varies in nature, so no two veneers are the same - talk about one-of-a-kind! We think burl is a visually rich option for the artful homeowner.
What is veneer? Veneer is a thin slice of hardwood made by rotary cutting or slicing the actual log.
Is it real wood? Yes! Slices of wood are bonded to a more stable substrate making them less susceptible to warping or splitting.

Beginning with a natural option and gradually getting darker in stain, each of our burl shades are sealed with a clear coat for shine and protection.

Mappa Burl features an array of naturally occurring wood knots and swirls.

Olive Ash Burl is known for its organic movement where no piece is alike. Visible grain lines give each veneer a distinctly dramatic look.

Still deciding on that perfect shade? Burl, please! Order some samples here.

Crafted of natural grasses and fibers, grasscloth adds warmth and texture to any space. 

Available in a variety of colors and weaves, grasscloth can be suited to a wide range of styles. Opting for a finer weave can pull a modern look together, while a thicker weave lends itself to rustic vibes.

Grasscloth has natural variations and may differ slightly between panels, but we think that adds to its beauty and uniqueness. A patterned grasscloth means even more multidimensionality!

Contact our showroom for help sourcing a glass top to ensure your grasscloth piece looks as good as the day you received it.

Get creative with our grasscloth collection.

Lacquer is a tried-and-true option for those wanting to create a polished and cohesive piece. Punchy or peaceful, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a shade. 

Our lacquer shines with a glossy finish. The darker the color, the more reflective and shiny your piece will be. Formed from a blend of resins and solvents, lacquer creates a durable, candy coat surface similar to that of a grand piano. If you're interested in a matte or high gloss finish, our sales team is just a phone call away!

Choose from our 15 shades, or source your own.


Gearing up to order your #ScoutBespoke piece? We hope your beauty can be loved for many years. Check out our Lacquer & Stain Care Guide to learn about best care practices.