Behind the Scenes: Vintage Unload Day

In our ever-changing vintage collection, you'll find unique accent pieces and plenty of well-made classics we've SCOUTed. To keep the collection fresh, the Scoutpack gears up once a month to receive new vintage finds.
What do we look for when we source our vintage? Unlike the vintage purists out there, we're not looking for pedigree; we like the mutts. We SCOUT for well-made classics and designs for which we have a vision. 
Our vintage finds are sourced from across the country and our team brings them back to Dallas. Last week, we received 2 truckloads worth of vintage pieces - talk about a HAUL.

Did someone say a picture is worth a thousand words? What about a thousand pictures? Check out our team putting in photobooth WERK.
A Showroom full of vintage is a happy Showroom, y'all. 
We like to keep it zen on a hectic day. Scoutpack approved tricks to vibe high: Tibetan Singing Bowl, Palo Santo, and Spotify’s Mood Booster playlist.
Where would we be without our pups? Queen Shelby always keeps the mood light on vintage unload days. 
The beauty of buying vintage? These coveted, quality items are a sustainable way to decorate your home with character. Shop our new arrivals or browse #ScoutTransformation on Instagram for vintage favorites and makeover inspiration.