Behind the Scenes: House Photoshoot

At Scout, we like to think that our unique collection of products sets ourselves apart from the Amazons of the world. That being said, inspiration is key and there’s nothing like seeing a room come together with Scoutpack style. Ever wonder how those lewks come to be? Our team organizes a few photoshoots a year where we stage a home from scratch to help you visualize our products in your space and get the creative juices flowing. See how it all comes together with this behind the scenes look.

Location, location, location. What do we look for when SCOUTing venues? We're big fans of unique! Last Friday, we shot at an idyllic property with floor to ceiling windows in nearly every room.

Listen up, y'all - we're only going to say this once: to make a masterpiece, you have to be willing to make a mess. So pardon ours.

Teamwork makes the dream work! Our day-long shoot would turn into a week-long shoot without the help of our talented team. Special shoutout to our photographer Nathan Schroder and our stylist Jenny O'Connor!

Perry never looked so good. Scoutpack house shoot hack: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. In this scene we kept the homeowners' impressive fiddle leaf fig and unconventional chandelier for a picture perfect setup. 

We can confirm that the devil is in the details. Think this bouquet is ready for the camera? Think again. Here, our stylist oh-so-delicately places darker flowers into a vintage vase to add dimension.  

Some of our favorite vignettes. We leaned into more neutrals than usual for this shoot, and we think that speaks to the diversity of our products. Keep an eye on our socials for the final images!

What can we say? It wouldn't be a proper Scout photoshoot without dog masks.

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