A Style Revolution: Exploring Seletti

(R)Evolution is the only solution - Seletti

Established in 1964 by Romano Seletti, the Italian design brand Seletti toes the line between cheeky irreverence and creative excellence. Over the years, the company has established its place in the interior design world with a focus on innovative partnerships and uncommon design projects.

The stories behind Seletti's pieces are what originally drew us to the Italian brand, but our love affair wasn't a short-lived fling! Last October, we opened our own Seletti Experience in our Dallas Showroom to showcase what the design brand is truly all about. From serveware that serves lewks to everyday objects reimagined, here's a look into the world of Seletti's collaborative collections.


Seletti's Hybrid Collection is a reflection on how our diverse historical cultures can help us create a common meaningful future. Produced in Tangshan, China, an area widely known for its Bone China, each piece is refined by hand and appears "sliced in half". The result? A fabulous juxtaposition of cultural imagery and themes. The visionary behind the Hybrid Collection, CtrlZakis an international multidisciplinary team that focuses on contemporary art and design. 

CtrlZak founders, Thanos ZakopoulosKatia Meneghini

Did you know? Considered to be the highest quality ceramic, bone china is composed of bone ash, feldspathic material and kaolin. We love how it helps these designs come together with a contemporary feel, while still celebrating a more complex history.

Dinnerware has never been so daring y'all! Shop the Hybrid Collection here.


Perhaps the most well-known Seletti collection, Seletti Wears Toiletpaper features surreal imagery from Toiletpaper Magazine blended together with the eccentricity for which Seletti is known. The Italian photo-magazine was born from the collaboration between Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari and first published in 2010.

Inspired by the Surrealist & Pop Art movements, pieces from this collection are known to pack a style punch. From pillows to laptop bags and from armchairs to mirros, this collection is the perfect place to find decor you won't see next door.

Where artful meets affordable, Stefano Seletti saw this collection as a way to make contemporary design more accessible for the everyday home. Shop the Toiletpaper Collection here.


The Seletti + Marcantonio collaboration breathes new life into the mundane. Inspired by the natural and animal world, this collection features objects that are common in everyday life, reimagined in an experimental way. Known for designing unique lighting, Marcantonio is also the genius behind Seletti's Love in Bloom vases.
Born in 1976, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba is one of the most esteemed Italian designers of his generation. His favorite themes, Man and Nature, are evident throughout his collaboration with Seletti. Despite the unexpected and experimental nature of the collection, each piece is thoughtfully detailed and realistic.
Marcantonio with Mouse Lamps from the collection
A collection that puts the fun in functional, browse Seletti + Marcantonio here.


Unconventional and irresistibly bold, BLOW by Studio Job & Seletti is an innovative collaboration. Conceptualized in 2017, pieces from the collection keep things electrifyingly weird. Spirited & pop-inspired at its best!

Founded in 1998 by Job Smeets, Studio Job is a ground-breaking art and design studio based in the Netherlands and Milan. Smeets works with a team of craftspeople to pioneer contemporary, conceptual and sculptural design. Quoted by the New York Times as "high-end kitsch", all Studio Job projects are distinguished by a love of detail, freedom of expression, and functional art.

Looking to push the boundaries in punchy style? Explore the BLOW collection here.


Reconceptualizing commonplace, the Daily Glow collection features hardworking objects that have been envisioned in a completely new way. Lamps from Daily Glow feature a stunning brilliance that sets the eclectic mood. Mundane doesn't have to mean boring!

The collection is designed by Alessandro Zambelli, who studied at Cova School of Design in Milan, in collaboration with Seletti. His artistic approach is characterized by a constant research of the interaction between human being, object, and environment.

Illuminate your space in an unexpected way with the Daily Glow Collection.


Obsessed with Seletti? So are we! Visit our Dallas Showroom to get the full Seletti Experience, or shop limited collections online.